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“Freedom” Foundation’s Frivolous Lawsuit to Indoctrinate New State Employees Dismissed

On Tuesday, January 17, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by the so-called “Freedom” Foundation […]

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Far-Right Leaders Gather in Washington to Promote Debunked Theories on “Voter Fraud”

On Sunday, August 15, a handful of Washington’s far-right activists and politicians gathered at a […]

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Farm workers during heat wave

Unions Are Protecting Workers From Hazardous Heat in the Pacific Northwest

Meteorologist Tyler Kranz says the new heatwave descending on the Pacific Northwest would break all-time […]

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Olympia Capitol Building

Union Power Is Surging in Washington State, Another Sign of the “Freedom” Foundation’s Multi-Million Dollar Failure

Accountable Northwest has long documented the failure of the “Freedom” Foundation and their regressive allies […]

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WATCH: The Failed “Freedom” Foundation’s Full Embrace of COVID-Denialism

  The extremist “Freedom” Foundation has spent millions trying and failing to take away the […]

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