Washington Workers Are Getting A Raise!

Despite anti-worker efforts by the Freedom Foundation and others on the far right, Washington’s working families will be getting a raise! Voters overwhelmingly approved an increase to the states minimum wage on Tuesday. Initiative 1433, which also requires paid sick leave for employees, was supported by nearly 60% of voters.

According to the Seattle Times, “Carlo Caldirola-Davis, campaign manager with Raise Up Washington, the group advocating for I-1433, declared victory, saying in a statement: ‘When voters filled in their ballots, they were clear — in Washington state, we want an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Tonight, hundreds of thousands of Washington workers and families are getting a raise, and more than one million workers will finally be able to earn paid sick and safe leave.’”

While the Freedom Foundation takes money from out-of-state billionaires to keep wages low, the people of Washington are rejecting their efforts and working families are benefitting.