EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: “Freedom” Foundation President Admits They Don’t Care if They Win Their Lawsuits and Legal Cases

In a stunning audio obtained by Accountable Northwest, “Freedom” Foundation President, Tom McCabe, admitted they don’t care if they win lawsuits they file, even when representing workers or small business owners.

I don’t even care if we win many of these cases…” McCabe said at the “Freedom” Foundation’s annual high-dollar fundraiser in Washington State in 2017. He went on to say that the intent of their frivolous legal strategy is to force their opponents to spend money on legal fees.


The “Freedom” Foundation has been engaged in a failed, six-year, 30+ million dollar campaign to try to destroy unions on the West Coast so they can enact a far-right agenda. They have filed countless lawsuits, most of which seem to fail. The end results  have included summary judgment against the plaintiffs, the case being settled for small amounts, and the case dismissed with prejudice. Publicly, they claim to be advocates for workers and small business owners, but in private they shamefully joke with their wealthy funders that their plaintiffs are just pawns in a political game.

Our legal system is supposedly tasked with providing fair and impartial justice to every citizen as a fundamental aspect of American democracy. Ensuring that justice is done with dignity and fairness requires a total dedication of time and resources, both from public funds and the parties involved. At times, it falls short, usually because of the influence of moneyed special interests that seek to corrupt the process.

Like most aspects of the “Freedom” Foundation’s work, the other goal of their lawsuits is to get press coverage to help them raise money. Unfortunately, reporters often cover the filing of a lawsuit but not the follow-up on the case. Press hits give “Freedom” Foundation operatives materials they need to give the illusion to their donors that they are running an impactful campaign.

This strategy and these lawsuits are abusing our legal system, using plaintiffs as pawns in a failed mission to raise more money and build more political power for the rich. Our court systems were intended to deal with genuine conflicts, navigated by attorneys who genuinely want justice for their clients. The “Freedom” Foundation and its allies have shown a total disregard for the taxpaying citizens who fund the courts and the sacred principles our justice system was based on.