The Freedom Foundation’s Ineffectiveness in the Pacific Northwest

Today, The Hill published Northwest Accountability Project Executive Director Peter Starzynski’s editorial responding to a recent editorial written by the Freedom Foundation’s Jeff Rhodes. You can read it here.

Some highlights:

Mr. Rhodes pointed to electoral results in Wisconsin and Michigan as examples of how the right’s attacks on working families helped elect Trump and other Republicans. This is the mantra the Freedom Foundation has voiced to approach their work in the Pacific Northwest: if they can undermine unions, they will be able to elect Republican leaders and enact a conservative agenda.

On the Freedom Foundation’s claim to be non-partisan:

Even while the Freedom Foundation claims to be non-partisan, they certainly have a political agenda and have worked to train conservative candidates to run for office. But, politically, they have done no better, as Democrats control both governorships, both state houses and the state senate in Oregon. Between both states, Republicans only control three statewide offices.

On their failures in Washington and Oregon:

Because of their statewide failures they have taken their agenda to the local level and have attempted to advance numerous local “right to work” measures. But they have all met the same fate and have been defeated handily.