The Washington Policy Center’s Extreme Right-Wing Agenda

The Washington Policy Center is an extremist organization funded by out-of-state billionaires that want to advance a radical political agenda to privatize public education, keep wages low, and stop the expansion of healthcare to working families in Washington. They, along with the anti-worker Freedom Foundation, are a Washington State affiliate of the State Policy Network: a national network of extremist groups with ties to the Koch Brothers.

They do not disclose their donors but our research has uncovered some disturbing trends: they share funders with anti-LGBTQ organizations, anti-immigrant organizations, and white supremacists. For example one of their key funders, the Murdock Charitable Trust, also funds the largest anti-LGBTQ organization in the country, the Alliance Defending Freedom, who the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group. Another funder is based in Pennsylvania and funds one of the nations leading anti-immigrant organization.

They often portray themselves as a legitimate think tank but in reality, they are driving a divisive, extremist agenda. They give the illusion to the public and the media that their regressive pet issues have much more support than they do.

We’ve developed a background document on their policy positions, leadership, and funders. View the document below or click here to download a PDF version.


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