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News With an Agenda: The Story of The Center Square

The Center Square is a Chicago-based media group that writes articles about state and local […]

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The Washington “Policy” Center Dog Whistles on Anti-Racism Curriculum

The Black Lives Matter movement has been challenging this country to recognize an epidemic of […]

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Is the Washington Policy Center Promoting Democratic Socialism?

The faux “think tank” Washington Policy Center (WPC) has launched a new, head-scratching campaign to […]

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The Washington Policy Center’s Extreme Right-Wing Agenda

The Washington Policy Center is an extremist organization funded by out-of-state billionaires that want to […]

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Dr Daniel Morris and NWAP Executive Director Peter Starzynski

Video: NWAP in Conversation With Dr. Daniel Morris


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The “Freedom” Foundation and Washington Policy Center take federal bailout

This article originally appeared on The Stand on July 9: Anti-government, anti-union think tanks based […]

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Richard Spencer

Freedom Foundation, Washington Policy Center Share Funder with Neo-Nazi

In mid-February, New York Magazine broke a story that the Washington State-based Rotella Foundation was […]

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The Big Money Behind the Failed Attacks on Workers in the Pacific Northwest

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