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“Freedom” Foundation’s Frivolous Lawsuit to Indoctrinate New State Employees Dismissed

On Tuesday, January 17, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by the so-called “Freedom” Foundation […]

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How Union Workers Fought for All Workers During the Pandemic

By Ryan Hollander, Washington State Organizer “For years and years and years, people that we […]

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Is the Washington Policy Center Promoting Democratic Socialism?

The faux “think tank” Washington Policy Center (WPC) has launched a new, head-scratching campaign to […]

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Desperate for Attention, the Anti-Worker “Freedom” Foundation Joins the Deep State Conspiracy Club

On May 18, the Freedom Foundation publicly joined the cult of right-wing COVID-19 conspiracy theories […]

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Center for Media and Democracy Exposes the Right-Wing Billionaires Pulling the Freedom Foundation’s Strings

The desperate Freedom Foundation has failed to accomplish its goal along the West Coast of […]

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The Real Reason Why The Freedom Foundation is Attacking Workers During the Pandemic.

While frontline workers are risking their lives to protect Californians, the Freedom Foundation is only trying to appease their donors. Any proposal they espouse promoting economic growth by cutting protections for working people should not be taken seriously.

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Debunking the Freedom Foundation’s Opposition to Paid Sick Leave: Presenteeism and Employer Costs

To limit the spread of disease in these times of worldwide pandemic, the Centers for […]

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